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​Superior Beard Care with Smolder Beard Oil

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The Blades Grim Beard Oils

A beard can be a defining physical characteristic in a good way and in a bad way. In order to prevent your beard from becoming an eyesore for everyone else, you should take the time to care for it properly by practicing smart beard care. Everyone washes the hair on their head regularly, but many men neglect to pay attention to their beard. To keep your beard in the best condition, be sure to consider Smolder Beard Oil by The Blades Grim.

Smolder Beard Oil is one of many beard grooming and facial hair care products on the market. Like all beard oils, this one is designed to keep your beard rejuvenated at all times. With a simple application, the luxurious formula will give your beard a healthy glow, creating a luminescent shine and smoother texture. This powerful formula goes deep into the hair's follicle, ensuring results that will only get better the more the product is used.

It is not just a question of a beard wash. With this product, the rejuvenation also improves the skin as well. By using beard oils like this one, it is possible to keep your facial skin soft and healthy. This provides comprehensive facial care, which can sometimes be difficult for men with beards. This intense moisturizing is possible with the range of powerful ingredients in each bottle. The active ingredients include apricot kernel oil, avocado oil and vitamin E oil to provide beard and face care that feels as good as it looks.

While other beard oils can make similar claims, one of the most noteworthy benefits of this one is its distinctive smell. The scent is warm, drawing its toasty aroma from a base of Venezuelan Tonka. Add that to orange peel, mandarin, coriander and star anise, and the end result is a hearty aroma that soothes the face as much as it does the soul. By using this as part of your beard grooming, you can skip out on colognes or other body sprays in order to fully appreciate the fullness of this scent.

If you have never invested in this type of beard care, you may not fully appreciate the scope of its benefits. This specialized beard oil is made by The Blades Grim, which is an American company committed to old style shaves that are affordable, effective and luxurious. While many people use disposable razors, The Blades Grim carries a full line of straight razors and other shaving accessories including options for beard wash and general beard care. Not only are their products made in America, but they are made to last with razors constructed from the best Austrian steel for generations of quality shaves. Their shaving solutions also reduce waste, minimizing the negative environmental toll. With all this, it is clear that this company knows what it takes for a good shave, which means their beard accessories are sure to reflect the same quality.

As far as usage goes, this product is very easy to work into any existing facial hair routine. For the best results, users can simply add three or four drops of the oil to their hand and then rub it into the beard. It is important to rub all areas of the beard. Once the oil has been thoroughly applied, the hair can also be combed to finish the application and straighten the appearance of the hair. This will lead to softer skin and smoother hair in addition to a fresh scent that will last the day.

A good beard takes good beard care. With an oil like Smolder, your beard hair can be soft, smooth and aromatic.